Homeowners Dale & Tracy had an old conservatory which over the years had become a dumping ground as it was difficult to regulate the temperature.

They decided to transform the conservatory and extend it into a large extension that would have multiple uses. They wanted a space to relax and chat, without a tv. Dale works as a photographer and so they also wanted a space that was filled with light where he both do photoshoots and also edit his imagery. Finally, the couple had a downstairs bathroom on their wishlist. They wanted a lean-to style extension with a steeply pitched roof but had been told that the roof pitch they wanted was not possible with a traditional build.

Commenting about their new hup!, Dale said: “We are so glad that we chose hup! for our project. Despite the fact that our new extension is so much bigger than the old conservatory, it still only took a matter of days to build. We are already loving our new space for working and relaxing – things we could never have done in our old conservatory. It is also great that we now have the downstairs bathroom that we so wanted and thanks to using the hup! system, this was built using the ‘free space’ gained’. We are absolutely delighted that the vision we had in our minds has been perfectly brought to life with hup! – in fact it’s even better than we could have imagined!”