Vernon and his family had an old conservatory which was nearly 20 years old and had many issues – the polycarbonate roof was too noisy when it rained, it leaked, and the polycarbonate in the roof was discoloured. The family also found that the doors that separated the conservatory from their home made it feel like an ‘add on’, rather than being a part of their home, and so they decided to look for a replacement.

To begin, Vernon looked at costs for a new replacement roof, but it was important to him and his family that the new space was well insulated throughout, and as the structure of the old conservatory had so many problems, he worried that simply replacing the roof would not be enough to keep it warm during the colder months of the year. Then Vernon came across hup! on Facebook and right away thought this is just what we’re looking for – well insulated roof and walls as well as being fast to build.

“We’re big fans of Grand Designs and when we started looking at replacing the old conservatory we wondered why you couldn’t use a system with panels and then we found hup!. With bricks and mortar it would have taken a lot longer to do, plus we did our project in October and so we didn’t want the house exposed to the weather for long and hup! was the perfect solution.

“We now have this fantastic living space that’s great for when our family comes round. Every opportunity we’re out here now with the family, with the doors open onto the garden, it’s totally changed our home!”