Kommerling Standard Casement UPVC Windows & Doors

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At first glance, PVCu windows and window profiles look very similar. However, on further inspection, you’ll soon come to discover that their quality characteristics can differ considerably. KÖMMERLING as a window systems manufacturer enjoys an unrivalled global reputation for our high quality products and advanced technologies

Keeping you warm whatever the weather

Saving energy makes sense, as it puts extra money in your pocket and is good for the environment. KÖMMERLING 70 is a proven PVCu window and door system with far better levels of energy efficiency than timber windows and first generation PVCu windows. Three aspects play an important role in window heat insulation: the profile’s heat insulating properties, the insulating glass with edge sealant and the wall fixings. KÖMMERLING 70 is class leading when it comes to energy efficiency, helping to keep your home both warm and secure

Helping to provide you with a quieter home

KÖMMERLING 70 protects you and your family from noise pollution. Its innovative profile sealing technology in conjunction with sound-insulating glazing, ensures a peaceful and quiet living environment, even when you live close to a busy road. Compared with other 70 mm windows, it also offers better sound reduction characteristics.

Helping to secure your home

Burglars often break into houses through windows, balconies and patio doors. KÖMMERLING 70 offers you protection against intruders because the window is designed to accommodate anti-burglary fittings, safety glass and the latest 3 Star security cylinders. As a result, it is far more difficult for a burglar to break open the window or smash the glass. KÖMMERLING 70 in conjunction with the window and door operating hardware deters intruders and helps to keep your home safe and secure.

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